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MediaDeathSantis - Killing Florida With His Stubbornity

DeathSantis – Killing Florida With His Stubbornity

A new sign in Brooklyn mocks Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis. The sign reads, “Killing Florida with his stupidity.” On July 16, “#DeathSantis” trended on Twitter. The sign was created by a comedy duo called the Good Liars.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also known as Mr. Anti-Mask or “DeathSantis” for his anti-vaccine policy, has been accused of trying to conceal his links to pharmaceutical companies. In fact, one of his biggest investments is in Regeneron, the same company that successfully injected COVID into President Donald Trump, who had been declared COVID positive. Yet, Florida is not the only state whose political leaders are swayed by anti-vaccine policies.

In fact, the anti-vaccine movement is largely driven by anti-vaccine activism. DeSantis’ executive order barring Florida schools from imposing COVID-19 mask mandates is an extreme example of how policy can be manipulated to affect public health. Even though the costs of masking children are minimal, they are disproportionately borne by minority communities, and the CDC is not claiming this is a fair policy.

While the Republican governor of Florida has a large following and millions of dollars to spend on reelection, he faces a tough campaign ahead of him. Although he downplays his national ambitions, polling consistently shows him leading the Republican field. However, former President Donald Trump has appeared to go after him and other politicians who refuse to disclose booster shots.

Although DeathSantis was not popular with progressives, he won the election in the conservative Sixth district by a wide margin and has been reelected twice. His campaign was fueled by his victory in the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which excluded Donald Trump. This has ignited a flurry of speculation that he could run for president in 2024. But it remains to be seen how far his popularity will rise.

While there are plenty of reasons to oppose DeSantis, his supporters include homebuilders. Indeed, the Florida GOP governor’s biggest contributors have been the state builders and developers. Moreover, DeSantis has received praise for his anti-vax stance. As such, it is advisable to avoid voting for him.

Although DeSantis did not rule out a presidential run in 2024, he is still a long-shot, despite his name being associated with politics and policy. Many have compared him to Trump with a brain. His recent events have highlighted his stance on the state of Florida. While he does not want to run for president in the future, he has become increasingly plausible as a presidential contender.

While DeathSantis has a well-rounded policy agenda, the majority of his mainstream measures are virtually invisible to the public. In the past, he persuaded the legislature to create wildlife corridors. And he benefited from the infrastructure plan that Joe Biden had put forward. These are just a few of his many notable accomplishments.

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