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Eric Schmitt Design

One of the best things about an Eric Schmitt design is the fact that you can purchase one of his designs without spending a fortune. The self-taught designer has been creating pieces for his clients for the past 30 years, and has also been collaborating with the best craftsmen in the industry. His work is highly versatile and is often tailor-made. You can buy his work at a variety of shops and galleries, from London to New York.

Schmitt is a self-taught artist, who grew up in a forest near Fontainebleau. Although his early pieces were made from wire, he later moved to a more rural area in France. His wrought iron works are often layered and unfinished, and his style is a blend of rock’ n’ roll, urban, and barbarian. He makes his pieces by hand and is inspired by nature. He uses curved shapes and folds to contrast the metal with natural elements. His sculptures are always unique, so it can be difficult to tell which piece is his.

Born in Poitou, France, Schmitt left Paris in 1997 to live in the forest of Fontainebleau. His style is a mixture of neo-barbarian, urban, and rock’ n’ roll. He works on a daily basis, collaborating with interior designers, architects, and landscape designers. He often makes numbered pieces that are unique in their aesthetic. Because of this, each piece is unique.

A self-taught artist, Schmitt began by creating his first pieces on his own. His wrought iron pieces are contemporary yet classic, with a barbarian or urban feel. He uses folded bronze, metal and materials that contrast with each other. His work is distinguished by curved lines and forms. The artist has worked with many interior designers and architects, but has been largely self-taught. In addition to designing his own work, Schmitt collaborates with Liaigre, an Italian designer, and works with him on many of their bronze pieces.

Unlike many other artists, Schmitt is a self-taught artist. He has created all of his first pieces himself, and he has been very successful at it. He is an artist who combines traditional skills with a modern, urban, and rock’ n’ roll style. He creates objects that are free from ornaments and other decorations. The most impressive of these pieces is his dresser, which is made of marble scales and is adorned with a whimsical character.

The artist grew up in Poitou, France, and started his career there. He now lives in a rural village near the forest of Fontainebleau. He has developed a reputation for creating sculptural objects that have a distinctly rock and roll style. Whether you are looking for a console table or an ornate table, Schmitt designs a unique and original design that will fit the aesthetic of your home.

The artist started as a self-taught artist, and he left Paris in 1997 to create his first pieces. Today, he lives and works in a rural area near the Fontainebleau forest. Originally from Poitou, he studied sculpture in France and was influenced by the Romanesque churches. He has since become a successful artist, and he has been featured in many prestigious exhibitions and monographs.

Unlike other artists, Schmitt has created his work from the comfort of his own home. He is a self-taught artist who grew up in the region of Poitou, close to the Romanesque churches. His contemporary designs are inspired by organic forms and symbolic nature. The materials he uses are usually iron, bronze, or wrought iron. His style is marked by curves and is self-taught, although he has worked with many artists over the years.

The artist started as a self-taught artist and created his first pieces on his own. He has a unique and twisted style, combining rock and roll with an urban edge. The artist’s esthetic is characterized by curved shapes and a unique style. The pieces are often sculptural, and are designed to be displayed in public spaces. The artists of this field are passionate about creating art, and the work of their work reflects their passion and love for life.


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Eric Schmitt Design

Known for his versatility, Eric Schmitt is a self-taught master of wrought iron. Working with an elite team of artisans, he creates objects for both private and public spaces. Inspired by the French tradition of Decorative Arts, his work incorporates natural and synthetic materials to produce a unique style. His work is always unique and is a fine example of how creativity is infused into a contemporary aesthetic.

Eric Schmitt is a self-taught artist who began by experimenting with various materials. Many of his earliest pieces were self-made, and he was largely responsible for creating them. His work is characterized by a mix of rock’ n’ roll, barbarian, and urban styles. His designs balance ornaments on pieces, resulting in a dynamic composition. In addition to the metal, he often uses folded bronze or materials that contrast with it. His aesthetic is shaped by curved lines and is distinguished by a variety of forms. The artist is an artist who prefers expression to reveal his identity.

The sculptor is a self-taught artist who started out by creating his first pieces on his own. The artist’s work is influenced by a mixture of urban, barbarian, and rock ‘n’ roll styles, and his use of contrasting materials is a key element of his style. He likes to balance ornaments on pieces and to contrast metal and organic free pieces. He also has a distinctly personal aesthetic and does not seek to express himself.

His early work is self-taught, with Schmitt welding all of his pieces himself. He prefers to hide himself and let the object do the work. A typical piece by the French artist includes a dresser, which is made entirely of marble scales. The whimsical design is a perfect addition to a modern home. You can buy a piece from this designer for a small price, but don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of art.

One of the best ways to experience an Eric Schmitt design is to see the pieces. You can see some of his work online, and even order one from his website. But you can also buy some of his pieces on the Proantic website. If you are looking for a more personal selection, you may want to consider purchasing a piece from his studio. It is a unique way to own a piece by an artist you admire.

A piece by Schmitt is unique and unlike anything else you’ve seen before. It’s an original creation that’s reminiscent of a Romanesque church. And it’s worth a look to see the pieces in person. It’s a great way to discover the artist behind the work. When it comes to his work, you’ll never be able to find it anywhere else.

The work of Eric Schmitt is very personal. He is a self-taught artist who started creating pieces on his own. His style is rock’ n’ roll and urban, and he makes his pieces with a mixture of styles and materials. While he loves to reveal himself and his work, he’s a surprisingly accessible artist. And you’ll have a chance to see some of his best pieces in London, which aren’t necessarily found anywhere else.

The artist started as a self-taught artist, and he exhibited his first pieces on his own. His style is a mix of rock’ n’ roll, urban, and barbarian aesthetic. He often balances ornaments on his pieces, and he prefers to use folded bronze or other materials that contrast with metal. And while he might have a minimalist aesthetic, he likes to let the object do the talking.

The work of Eric Schmitt is highly experimental, with a wide variety of materials and shapes. In his first solo UK show, he used folded bronze to create the sculptural forms of his pieces. His style is marked by a strong geometric quality and is not overly abstract. It is a very personal work of art, and Schmitt has a personal style that speaks to his works.


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