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SportsRussell Westbrook and Thom Browne

Russell Westbrook and Thom Browne

Russell Westbrook wore a Thom Browne ensemble to the 2022 NBA awards. The designer designed a tailored jacket, a skirt with striped socks, chunky lace-ups, and a top hat, complete with traditional white-tie trimmings. Westbrook also accessorized the look with a diamond choker. This look is not just for the fashion-conscious!

There is a certain culture surrounding basketball and fashion, and kilts have taken the fashion world by storm. Russell Westbrook, an NBA player, showed his unique sense of style at the Thom Browne spring 2022 fashion show. In a white ankle-length kilt, he paired it with an off-white cardigan, diamond choker, and lace-up leather boots with brogue details and pebbled leather uppers. A kilt is an iconic outfit in the NBA, and Westbrook has embraced it like few other players.

Russell Westbrook’s recent fashion stunt was reminiscent of his past, when he wore a plaid kilt to a basketball game against the Sixers. However, this time, he embraced his role as a fashion icon by sporting a white kilt for the Thom Browne Spring 2022 Collection show. While some on Twitter were supportive of Westbrook’s bold style, others were confused by his choice.

The kilt trend has a long history. Thom Browne is a New York-based designer with both menswear and womenswear collections. Westbrook’s full-length skirt was a hit at the New York Fashion Week show, and the rapper Pete Davidson and NBA star Kid Cudi recently wore kilts at the Met Gala. Jean Paul Gaultier introduced the man-skirt in the 1980s, and it has been slowly percolating on catwalks for at least six years.

Top hat
The star of “NBA Awards” 2022 wore a Thom Browne looks that featured a tailored jacket, skirt with striped socks, chunky lace-up shoes, and a top hat. The look was completed with the traditional white-tie trimmings. Westbrook, who is a big fan of the designer’s work, explained why he chose to wear the top hat.

The outfit was designed by Thom Browne, and Westbrook wore it to the Met Gala in New York City. It was a style statement that is similar to a kilt and speaks volumes about the basketball player’s attitude. Dwayne Wade took some heat for his Met Gala outfit. However, it was not as vicious as Westbrook got. The Miami Heat star, who didn’t wear a shirt, did not receive the same amount of vitriol.

Diamond choker
In addition to the classic diamond choker, a number of celebrities have stepped out wearing Thom Browne designs. While some were critical, some appreciated Westbrook’s look. Other notables wearing Thom Browne pieces include Travis Barker, Odell Beckham Jr., and the actress Emma Chamberlain. Some actors even wore Thom Browne pieces, including Odell Beckham Jr., who wore a velvet-dark green ensemble with a hood and silver chains.

The NBA star was one of the most talked-about models at the Thom Browne Spring 2022 fashion show this week. He looked stunning in a white cardigan and skirt, accessorized with a diamond choker, leather-based boots, and a blue hairstyle. The caption on his Instagram was taken from a Kendrick Lamar verse, “Household Ties.”

Westbrook, who plays point guard for the Washington Wizards, recently attended the show in New York and wore a gold-and-sapphire top hat. His style has been the talk of the NBA for years. His tunnel walks have been the stuff of social media posts, and his newfound attention to detail has led to a new generation of fashion-conscious players. He even attended the Met Gala for the first time last year.

Although Westbrook is a nine-time All-NBA Team member, his image is polarizing, particularly outside of his NBA career. His recent Thom Browne fashion show in Los Angeles sparked a debate between fans and critics. He wore a black leather boot with sunglasses and even matched it with a pair of white sneakers. But while Westbrook’s style is controversial, the brand is doing something right by embracing the fashion-conscious NBA star.

off-white cardigan
A recent photo of Russell Westbrook wearing a Thom Browne off-white cardigan has made headlines all over the world. The NBA all-star paired it with a white pleated skirt that features Roman numerals on the waistband. He finished his look with black brogue boots. While some supporters praised the all-star for his unique look, others were confused by his skirt.

This Off-White cardigan from Thom Browne is a stylish, comfortable way to show off your sartorial style. A slew of stars and athletes have stepped out in this season’s trend. The cardigan is made from cotton but is still sophisticated enough to make a statement. It is also available in black or navy and can be worn with anything from denim to jeans.

After being ridiculed for his outfit the last time, Westbrook took to social media to share pictures of his look. He wore a black skirt under the cardigan sweater, and a pair of black boots. Russell Westbrook had blue hair, so he looked good in this stylish outfit. The outfit from Thom Browne is also perfect for this season. You can get this off-white cardigan online for a fraction of the price!

The Los Angeles Lakers star was in New York for the Spring 2022 show of Thom Brown. He looked great in an off-white cardigan and diamond choker, and he was a popular topic of conversation. The Los Angeles Lakers’ star has a passion for pushing the limits, and he has been known to buy most of his playoff frames from the store. The NBA superstar’s outfit also prompted some fans to speculate whether the star was wearing a Thom Browne outfit as part of a secret Illuminati ritual.

Sequin jacket
The basketball player’s Thom Browne ensemble at the 2022 NBA Awards was one of the most memorable and glamorous looks of the night. His look consisted of a tailored jacket with a striped skirt, chunky lace-ups, and a top hat with traditional white-tie trimmings. He teamed the outfit with a pair of off-white boots and diamond-hoop earrings.

The designers of Thom Browne’s suits wore the starry attire to the charity event to raise funds for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Other guests in Thom Browne’s group included Lizzo, Oscar Isaac, Elvira Lind, Maisie Williams, and Travis Barker. These men’s attire embodied the nighttime aesthetic, elevating it from the carnival-like vibe of the evening.

The celebrity-studded ensemble is a perfect example of a sexy, modern look. The sequined jacket and matching trousers are made of shiny gold and feature a high slit. The jewelry is by Lorraine Schwartz. Russell Westbrook and Christine Baranski both wear Michael Kors. The duo also wore Fendi gowns, which were based on the stars’ Super Bowl rings and football jersey.

The men on the red carpet also looked glamorous, though most didn’t bother with the white tie dress code. Rege-Jean Page, Dwyane Wade, and Russell Westbrook opted for a modern yet edgy look. In addition to these men’s ensembles, the girls on the red carpet looked dapper in Armani jackets and Thom Browne suits.

pleated skirt
The basketball player’s Thom Browne pleated skirt was the perfect match for the Met Gala, which he attended last night. Thom Browne has become a cult designer for genderless skirts, and the star looked fabulous in the off-white cardigan, pleated skirt and lace-up boots. The designer added a diamond choker and blue hair to round out the look.

Russell Westbrook attended the 2022 Met Gala to celebrate In America: An Anthology of Fashion. The basketball player wore a white tie and top hat. He paired these pieces with a Thom Browne pleated skirt. The basketball star looked incredibly stylish in the black and white ensemble and was even spotted wearing a pair of sunglasses. Westbrook was mocked by fashion critic Kwame Brown for his outfit.

The NBA all-star shared a picture of his memorable fit on Instagram. The white pleated skirt was detailed with Roman numerals MMXX (2020) on its waist band. He paired his new look with black brogue boots. The look was well received by some while others were baffled by the skirt. As of right now, there are no definitive answers to whether or not a man is “manly enough” to wear a skirt.

The basketball star recently launched his own streetwear line, called Russell Westbrook by his fashion label. He also works with Hiromichi Ochiai, the founder of the fashion brand FACETASM. The line features clothing combining Westbrook’s personality with his style. It also features a matching clutch for a stunning look. If you’re looking for the latest trend in basketball, a Thom Browne pleated skirt may be the perfect option.

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